FEDAI CCA PLA13 HiFi in-Ear Monitor Earphones,13.2mm Planar Driver in Ear Earphone IEM Earbuds with Detachable 0.75mm 2Pin High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable for Audiophile Musician (Black No Mic)

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  • New Era of Planar IEM】The voice coil of a planar earphone is equivalent to spreading over the entire diaphragm. It basically makes the entire diaphragm vibrate together, so the split vibration is very small,and the split vibration is small and the distortion is small.R&D patent-13.2mm double-cavity flat diaphragm unit, excellent sound density and texture, taking into account perfect detail resolution and separation, making the timbre details delicate and more audible.
  • 【Lightweight &Comfortable & Ergonomic】Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit with the properly depth.The ear shells for CCA PLA13 are made out of high-quality resin material with aluminum alloy face panels. Lightweight , comfortable and painless to wear all the day, provide a stable and comfortable wearing experience. The in-ear silicone earbuds have a soft texture, it comes with three different sizes of earbuds (S/M/L), it fits your ears well and good for games sports, travel and fun.
  • 【CCA’s Planar Magnetic Driver Earphone】 The CCA PLA13 in ear earphone is the first planar earphon of CCA. It is equipped with the newly developed patented planar driver, which far outperforms previous products.​ It brings a perfect combination of professional acoustics and construction with a large 13.2mm planar magnetic driver enclosed in a precisely designed resin shell structure.Good deep solid bass, clear mid range and beautiful high frequencies give you a shocking musical experience.​
  • 【Silver-plated cable And Service Support】CCA PLA13 in ear monitor, adopts high-purity silver-plated cable, which can effectively reduce the loss of signal transmission and improve the quality of music. the new double-twined braided structure can effectively prevent winding and reduce pulling.So you can easily slip it into pockets and backpacks. If there are any questions, pls feel free to contact customer service ,you will get reply within 24 hours and solution. Wish you a happy shopping!
  • 【Professional Tuning Adjustments】CCA PLA13 earphone has got years of expertise in designing HiFi in-ear monitors. The tuning engineers give full play to Planar Driver’s crisp sound quality, accurate timbre, rich detail features. Good deep solid bass, clear mid range and beautiful high frequencies give you a shocking musical experience.​ By paying attention to the smallest details, you can distinguish every nuance and subtle characteristic in astonishingly faithful sound reproduction.​

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Why to choose CCA PLA13 earphone?

CCA PLA13 in ear earphone use the properly large 13.2mm dual-cavity planar diaphragm driver , to achieve the excellent treble extension while keep the perfect clear bass . Meanwhile , benefit to the low resistance , CCA PLA13 is easily to be drove by any device , you can enjoy the consistent and stable high resolution audio even though play it with the elementary device

New Era of Planar IEM, Supremacy of Treble Extensio
Innovation breakthrough, Benefit from the dual-cavity planar diaphragm driver , with the double-sided array magnets , CCA PLA13 earbuds achieve the excellent sounds density texture with perfect details resolution & separation. Perfect combination of professional acoustics & inner construction bring you extraordinary music experience

Product description
Brand: CCA
Product model: CCA-PLA13
Type of headphones: flat diaphragm headphones
Pin type: 0.75mm
Wire length: 120±5cm
Type of plug: 3.5mm
Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
Sensitivity: 100±3dB
Cable type: silver- plated cable
Appearance: black

FEDAI CCA PLA13 HiFi in-Ear Monitor Earphones

33 reviews for FEDAI CCA PLA13 HiFi in-Ear Monitor Earphones,13.2mm Planar Driver in Ear Earphone IEM Earbuds with Detachable 0.75mm 2Pin High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable for Audiophile Musician (Black No Mic)

  1. WPW

    I have a few other IEMs that I use on occasion, but I was excited to try this one. This is the most “premium” IEM I own, as I prefer not to spend too much. I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase it as I do not spend much on earbud/IEM style headphones, as they often get lost or damaged due to how small and fragile they can be. HOWEVER, these are WORTH the money. They have a very neutral, clear, detailed signature, and are not sibilant to these treble-sensitive ears. The bass is also very full, but not overpowering. The quality of the bass is lovely, deep, and tight. I love it!The soundstage on these are very natural. It feels like I am in in the studio with the musician, and the instruments are arranged naturally in front of me. My favorite genres for these is guitar music. The strings are so incredibly crisp and detailed, it’s astounding. I think these are very good for their price point, they definitely beat the detail in every other IEM I own! These will become my new daily driver IEMs!These are also quite comfortable, and they fit my medium-size ears very well. They also fit my girlfriend’s tiny ears, too! So, they are good for many ear sizes. I have not tried them on large ears. The style is very nice and subtle, nothing too flashy. The cable seems to be made with some very good material. My only complaint is that the cable can get a bit tangled, but it’s really not too bad.

  2. The Dood

    The Fedai 16 core cable comes simply packaged in a small envelope.The cable is silver plated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) but the purity is not specified. The sheath is black plastic and the closely-braided cable is very slim for a 16 core and therefore light and supple. It has a straight plug with a carbon fibre patterning and a similar design on the metal Y-split and there is a black spherical chin slider. The 2-pin plugs are plain black metal with channel identification in a plain white font. The clear plastic ear guides are fairly tightly curved but are comfortable.The cable was tested with a variety of IEMs in the $20 to $50 price range and although this meant that the cable in some cases was more expensive than the earphones, the improvement in sound justified this approach. Copper cables are considered to produce a warmer tonality whereas silver-plated or pure silver cables tend to  increase the brightness.The first IEM I tested was the new Geek Wold GK10. It has a well-balanced sound but I found that the treble region was a little subdued using the stock cable (which is of good quality). The Fedai cable managed to bring out a bit more sparkle and life into the high  Piezo drivers do need a lot of power and I used a Hifi Walker H2 DAP as the source. The change of cable also produced a bit more impact and improved the soundstage.The CCA CSN also benefited from the change of cable. The CSN is a very good performer at its price and has a more mature tuning than many of its competitors. Its stock cable is fairly basic and typical of CCA/KZ designs. Using the Fedai cable improved the transient response and attack and brought an extra feeling of space and excitement to proceedings compared to the stock cable. It revealed the true potential of the CSN and was probably the most successful of the three tested here.The HZ Sound Heart Mirror is another remarkable IEM with a performance well above that expected for the price. It has a neutral/bright profile with copious detail and transparency. The stock cable is of high quality. In this instance, the change to the Fedai cable was not so successful. The Heart Mirror’s already bright tonality was enhanced and became sharper. There was a minor improvement in the tightness of the bass, and a slight expansion of the staging but there was a touch of extra brightness in the treble which unbalanced the overall profile.The Fedai cable brought improvements in earphones which benefited from an increase in treble resolution and also helped to improve separation and detail, and for these it can be thoroughly recommended. However, I would not recommend the Fedai cable if you have a bright IEM, as the balance will be affected as described above.

  3. Jules5817

    I use the Qudelix 5K dac/amp via Bluetooth from my iPad for my listening, and I try to take advantage of the 2.5mm balanced output as often as I can. I have several cable options to choose from and I like the Fedai 16 core silver plated cable the best. It has excellent pliability and drape, with a very soft feel providing excellent haptics and fit. It has plastic coated hooks that fit around the ear that are just the right stiffness for fit and comfort. It has a nice, large ball chin slider to snug up cable. It has the most flexible cable braid of the ones I have which aids in comfort yet the thickness of the cable resists tangling. And of course it sounds great hooked up to my CCA C10 pros out of the Q5Ks balanced output, providing great dynamic range, low noise, and improved stereo separation characteristic of the balanced output. The Fedai 16 core silver plated cable provides an excellent listening experience and I highly recommend it.

  4. ZhaZha

    Very nice 16 Core silver-plated copper cable. It is light, soft, and does not tangle. Solid build. I needed a black MMCX cable replacement for a mediocre factory cable that came with a set of iems that I have and I am very happy with this purchase. It feels like a high quality cable and it sounds good. The Left and the Right sides are clearly marked with large letters. The ear hook wraps are soft and comfortable. The cable itself is soft and very pleasant to the touch. I used a $10 discount offered by the seller and for the money it is an excellent cable upgrade. Recommended!

  5. Pamela Webber

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  22. Jennifer

    Just received the goods, very good, value for money!! Will come again in the future!

  23. RJB

    The goods are good, my friend likes them very much, thank you.

  24. Amazon Customer

    The item is very beautiful, the seller’s service attitude is very good, I will come again next time.

  25. Patricia

    I finally received the baby I need, the item is very good, the price is good and the price is low, thank you seller.

  26. Likeat

    The goods are okay, and the effect is okay.

  27. Brittney

    Thank you very much. I like it very much. Come again next time~

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    Thank you very much. I like it very much. Come again next time~

  29. Allan Truesdell

    The packaging is very careful and tight. Generally speaking, this is a very satisfying shopping, thank you seller.

  30. Alyssia

    Okay, support, if necessary, I will find you next time.

  31. Theshopper1

    Good seller, thank you. My colleagues like it very much. Come again next time!

  32. Bella B

    Very good seller, very enthusiastic, I will come again next time~ baby is very good!

  33. DeeD

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